GB Youth demand for 5th province, due share in CPEC

[Islamabad] Youth of Gilgit-Baltistan organized a protest on January 24  at National Press Club Islamabad, demanding to declare Gilgit-Baltistan , as 5th province of the country, along with raising their voice for due and equal share in the China Pakistan Economic Corridor Project (CPEC).

It was for the first time in the history that youth of the region (GB), belonging to diverse backgrounds  gathered for a common cause to secure their rights, setting aside their political, ethnic and other affiliations.


Protestors holding playcards demanding for provincial status of GB and due rights
Protesters holding placards demanding for provincial status of GB and due rights in the CPEC

The participants were of the opinion that imposition of tax in GB is illegal, unconstitutional and unacceptable for them without bring them at par with other provinces of the country.


They also added that this was the last wake up call for the federal government to accept their genuine demands. “The people of GB can no more tolerate injustice towards the region, which has tremendous geographical and strategic importance and any further ignorance from the side of the federal government could lead to spoiling of the  multi-billion bilateral development project.


Being gateway for the corridor project, Gilgit-Baltistan is the prime stakeholder and it is pertinent that the people of the region are taken into confidence while taking key decisions in this regard, else sense of deprivation will prevail, resulting into creating lasting hurdles in successful implementation of the project.


It is worth noting that for the last 68 years, people of Gilgit-Baltistan have been unconditionally supporting Pakistan, and every succeeding governments have always been neglecting the area despite rendering of countless sacrifices for the country.