Shina language Book: Ishq-e-Malangi launches

By Tanveer Ahmed
A Shina language poetry book of first ever illiterate Shina poet of Gilgit-Baltistan’s Aziz-ur- Rehman was launched here on Friday.
The launching ceremony of Ishq-e- Malangi was organized by KIU’s modern languages department, which was attended by a large number of people from different walks of life, which held here in Musharraf hall at Karakoram International University, Gilgit . Minister for works GB Dr, Mohammad Iqbal was the chief guest at the event.
Speaking on the occasion, Mr Iqbal said that Azizur Rehman is a big name in the Shina poetry and when we see Rehman’s poetry then we realize that education is not necessary for a person to become a great poet. “It is the progressive thinking and feelings which makes a person different from others in a society”, said Iqbal.
“Malangi is an example for us and an inspiration for our youth” he said and lauded the role of poets and educationists for their contribution for peace and harmony in Gilgit-Baltistan.
Iqbal also praised the contribution of Karakoram International University for promoting and safeguarding the local languages. The minister maintained that provincial government is also working on safeguarding of the regional languages and soon the Shina language will be included into a primary syllabus.
Mr. Nawaz Khan Naji member legislative assembly on the occasion said that Mr Rehman has collected such a valuable poetry in Shina language which could be huge material for those students who want to do their Ph.D on Shina language and his personality.
He said that in the past there was no work done by any institution for the promotion of regional languages but and now KIU is doing a good job towards this direction.
Vice Chancellor Karakoram International University Dr,Khalil Ahmad said that language is the identity of any nation and for preservation of this identity there is need to promote local languages.
Secretary Water and Power GB and renowned poet Zafar Waqar Taaj said that publishing of “Ishq- e- Malang” would a landmark step towards the promotion of Shina language.
While addressing on the occasion the author Mr Aziz -Ur- Rehman Malangi said that although he is an illiterate person and I think my poetry is God gifted treasure.