Sky Rocketing fee structure has made higher education an unachievable dream for privileged segments

The recent unusual increment  of university fees in public sectors universities, has compelled the students from remote and privileged areas, not to proceed with further studies, keeping into account their crippling financial vulnerabilities, resulted by ongoing economic instability.

Government on one hand, has directed private educational institutions to revise their fee structures and restricted them not to increase it beyond certain limits, but on the other hand, public universities have increased fees multiple times more than the usual percentage increment, which they used to follow in the past.

This abrupt increment has put students in psychological trauma, and they are ambiguous about whether to continue their studies. If yes, then who can take the responsibility to bear this huge amount of semester fee, which has reached to approximately Rs.92000/- for those who get admission on self finance basis, and Rs.60,000/- for those who are admitted on regular basis.

“I am unable to find wayouts to bear such huge amount of fees, to continue my higher studies, as we do not have enough resources to afford such huge amount” a Student from Gilgit-Baltistan said, who recently got admission in QAU Islamabad .

He went on saying that on quota system, students of Gilgit Baltistan (GB) are given only 2 seats in each department, together with FATA, which tantamounts to zero percent, based on  literacy rate. Excluding the fewer selected students, who get admission on provincial quota, rest are all supposed to bear sky touching fees,in the name of “Self Finance”, which is totally injustice, with the deserving students of farflung areas like Gilgit-Baltistan.

Private institutions are already out of access to poor yet privileged students, and if the same trends of abrupt increments of fees, continues in public universities, then it can unequivocally be stated that top yet talented students will be way far from getting quality education, due to their financial compulsion.

Based on the severity of the matter, government together with university authorities, must  take immediate steps to find some way outs to help the deserving students, by reviving the escalating fee structure, so that students from remote areas can continue their higher education, without facing extreme financial hurdles.