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The outdated system of education!!!

Eid Hussain Albert Einstein once said that everybody is a genius, if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it would leave the whole life believing that it   is stupid. Today our modern day education system kills the children creativity. Everything have changed, as in the past people were using animals […]

Sky Rocketing fee structure has made higher education an unachievable dream for privileged segments

The recent unusual increment  of university fees in public sectors universities, has compelled the students from remote and privileged areas, not to proceed with further studies, keeping into account their crippling financial vulnerabilities, resulted by ongoing economic instability. Government on one hand, has directed private educational institutions to revise their fee structures and restricted them […]

Top 10 Science, Engineering, Technology Scholarships for Foreign Students

Top 10 Science, Engineering, Technology Scholarships for Foreign Students Science, Engineering, and Technology fields are popular fields of study supported by scholarships and fellowships by foreign governments, universities, and international organizations. International scholarships are being offered by Faculty/Department of Science of a University or by Technology Universities to attract the best international students in the field […]