Yasin Arts Council pays Tribute to Basharat Shafi

Gilgit Times Report

Yasin Arts Council in Collaboration with Yasen-e-Mahraka on Sunday organized a cultural and musical  event “Guren Osay” (Take Care) to pay homage to the burushaski poet Basharat Shafi(late), who has left remarkable contribution for promotion of Burushaski language. Basharat Shafi passed away recently in fatal car accident in very young age leaving behind a remarkable legacy of poetry and literature in Burushaski Language.

The event was attended by notables, including his immediate family members, people from different walks of life. On the occasion, artists of Burushaski language showcased their versatile artistic talent through heart touching poetry, together with commemorating the late poet, by quoting poetic verses from Shafi’s numerous collections. The event was praise worthy by  all means, and was first of its kind was organized in the federal capital to highlighted the uniquness of Brushashi laguage and literature, particularly the Yasin dialect of the language. Brushaski language is spoken in Yasin, Hunza and Nager valleys of Gilgit-Baltistan and Srinagar of occupied Jammu and Kashmir as researchers and historians are unanimous on the point that the dialect, which  is spoken in Yasin is origin, pure and the oldest one.

On the occasion, speakers urged the youth and artists from the area to play their role for revival and promotion of the mother tongue and other traditional values so that they could be saved from possible extinction amid the rapid urbanization, technological advancement and amalgamation of other traditions.